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We are one of the leading hearing and speech related solution providers in the country characterized by one of the best Infrastructures and qualified staff. Utilizing one of the best and latest technologies available we exclusively give a “tailor made” solution of your hearing and speech problem.The quality of hearing aid fitting and speech therapy techniques are Of International Standards.

What makes us unique and special are our services that are rated by our clients. The customer satisfaction being our main motto, we work towards our aim with great enthusiasm and passion. We are the true believers of work is worship philosophy and carry out our activities. READ MORE

How we are different ?

At perfect hearing solutions, you can be very confident that you are getting the best and PERFECT care possible, this is our promise and client satisfaction being our advantage and support for us.


Hearing Loss
How our ear functions and how brain receives and perceives sound impulses hold the key to better understanding of hearing and hearing loss.
Hearing loss is unique to each individual and requires an accurate evaluation for proper rehabilitation. Perfect Hearing Solutions, is equipped
Trial of Hearing-aids
From international hearing aid fitting procedures to expert counseling by a team lead by Consultant Mr. Pradeep Kothari, you get to experience
Speech Therapy
Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. It is based upon the syntactic combination of lexicals and names that are drawn from very large vocabularies.
Repairs & Services
State-of-the-art Lab established by Perfect Hearing Solutions, with German technology helps customise to meet individual requirements, which is only one of its kind.
Customer Care
An experienced customer care staff with pleasing nature to cater to all your needs who are supported by a strong quality control and automation systems.

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