Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services


Hearing aids are incredibly tiny pieces of technology. Despite their small size, they contain a lot of high-level equipment and perform advanced functions. In the event you suspect your hearing aids need repairing, there are a few common steps to follow before contacting a hearing healthcare professional.

Keep your hearing aid clean

Because hearing aids are such compact devices, it can be easy for earwax and other debris to become trapped in tiny holes and spaces. To avoid excessive build-up from clogging microphone and sound ports, it’s important to clean the device off each day with a clean and dry tissue or cloth

Keep your ears clean

If you suspect the amount of wax is out of the normal range or your hearing devices are becoming clogged on a consistent basis, reach out to your hearing healthcare professional for additional tips or options.

Keep in mind it’s not safe to insert cotton swabs or anything sharp in your ears to clean them. Using these items could push the earwax deeper into the ear or puncture the eardrum.

We can repair and service most hearing aids including:

> Audibel

> Audiocare

> Oticon

> Phonak

> Resound

> Siemens

> Starkey

> Widex